Contact Mr. Martindell

  • Email:
  • School Phone: 740-389-2389
  • Remind subscription information: Remind is a service that allows Mr. Martindell to send announcements and reminders via text and/or email.  Students and parents should subscribe to his Remind service to receive these alerts (note: you will only receive alerts from Mr. Martindell, you will not be able to reply to him through this service; contact him through email instead).  
See my recent Remind Alerts here, and follow the directions to subscribe below!

    • To subscribe to receive alerts via text messages: send a text to 937-204-1432 with the class code (below) for your class (note: regular text charges may apply if your plan does not include texting). 
        • Advanced Govt class code = @adv-gov
        • Govt class code = @phs-govt
        • Western Civ class code = @west-civ 
      • To unsubscribe: text unsubscribe @[class code] to 937-204-1432
    • To subscribe to receive alerts via email: send a blank email to [class code]
      • To unsubscribe: email [class code] with the subject: unsubscribe